Syndicate Group is a global leader in providing specialist and secure printed and converted products across diverse industries. Check our industry specific solutions below:


Patient ID Solutions


Patient safety is a top priority in any hospital. Failure to identify patients correctly leads to patients being given incorrect treatment, surgical procedure or medication causing medical complications or even death with serious consequences. Syndicate's ultimoID MED Wristbands offer secure patient identification with information printed onto the wristband direct from the Hospital's patient admission system.




Revenue & Crowd Control Solutions


Syndicate's ultimoID LITE direct thermal wristbands are used for Patient Identification in the healthcare sector and for Revenue & Crowd control in Amusement & Leisure sectors. These are used where ever a secure and visual means of identification is needed like Admission Control, Age Verification, VIP Access, Group Identification, Crowd Management, Security, Event Management, Advertising and Branding.




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