Application Area

  • Patient ID Tracking
  • Hospital Admissions
  • Hospital Nursery

Solutions for Healthcare

Patient safety is a top priority in any hospital. Failure to identify patients correctly leads to patients being given incorrect treatment, surgical procedure or medication causing medical complications or even death with serious consequences.

Syndicate's ultimoID MED Wristbands offer secure patient identification with information printed onto the wristband direct from the Hospital's patient admission system. The use of Barcodes enhances safety by ensuring that each patient is administered the correct drugs and treatment and that all treatment, lab samples and blood units are accurately recorded, tracked and monitored at all stages.

Syndicate's ultimoID MED Wristbands have been designed keeping patient safety in mind and help in:

  • Reducing Insurance costs & patient bed days
  • Accurate tracking of patient blood & lab samples across the hospital
  • Reduces possibility of making errors by helping nurses & doctors accurately administer and track treatment
  • Easy scanning of wristbands reduces time spent by nursing staff in matching patients with prescribed medication and gives them enhanced confidence

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