ultimoID RFID Silicone Wristbands

For long lasting and repeat usage, Syndicate’s RFID Silicone wristbands are ideal for use in Leisure Centres, Waterparks, Gyms, Sports Clubs, Lockers, Spas and any other RFID access control or stored value application where a reusable waterproof RFID wristband is required. Silicone wristbands are waterproof, flexible, comfortable, durable and available with LF, HF and UHF Inlays for short to medium range reads (depending on the reader).

  • Material: Silicone IP68
  • Sizes: Adult, Young, Child
  • Customization: Debossed & Embossed Printing and Laser Engraving
  • Colors: Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, Purple, Orange
  • Operating temperature: -25 to 85 degrees C
  • Storage temperature: -25 to 120 degrees C


  • EM 4102 (125 KHz, 64 bit, R/O)
  • I-Code (13.56 MHz, 512 bit, R/W, ISO/IEC 15693)
  • Mifare 1 S50 (13.56 MHz, 1K Byte, R/W, ISO 14443 A)
  • Additional Inlay types available upon request