Application Area

  • Amusement Parks
  • Water Parks
  • Event Admissions
  • Crowd Control
  • Patient ID Tracking
  • Hospital Admissions
  • Hospital Nursery
  • Restricted Area Access
  • Colour Coded Identification

RFID Solutions for Identification

Adding RFID technology to a security wristband gives access to a world of whole new possibilities. Syndicate offer wide range of RFID wristbands like Silicone, Direct Thermal, Poly & Laserbands for Healthcare, Amusement and Events.

RFID systems in healthcare facilitate the possibility of contact-free identification and tracking of patients, medical equipment and medication, thereby improving patient safety by reducing medication errors and also lowering operational costs.

Syndicate's RFID wristbands are also suitable for event management, marathons, club memberships, water parks, spas, lockers, gyms, factory operators and any other RFID access control or stored value application where a waterproof RFID wristband is required. RFID wristbands ensure 100% satisfied guest experience, highly effective access control, cashless payments, keyless entry and much more.

These RFID wristbands are used where ever a secure and visual means of identification is required. We offer a wide range of wristbands with HF/NFC/UHF functionality along with full colour printing, encoding & variable data printing options.

Benefits of using Syndicate's RFID wristbands:

  • Access control
  • Cash-free, relieves visitors of wallets, and eliminates potential theft
  • Stringent protection against counterfeit
  • Healthcare applications
  • Enhanced user experience (surpasses 1D and 2D barcode products)
  • Reinforcement and brand promotion

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